How To Hide Folder Name On iPhone

Most peoples don't know about how to hide folder name on iPhone although iOS has not given us some features to hide it. Some people don't know this and they are just trying to hide the folder by download hiding apps that does not work on the iPhone.

There are certain situations require to hide folder name and I am talking about hiding folder name on iPhone, a situation like when someone asks you to give your phone then at that time you don't want to show your folder name then it's the best option for you. There is no need for software or third party app needed in this method.

Well, if you are here than probably you heard about how to hide folder name on iPhone. Nowadays most people love to make their folder name invisible to everyone and most people know about these tricks.

You can surprise your friends by hiding your folder name or it can also be made for fun purposes. iPhone doesn't like these types of things as iPhone updates come regularly so they try to make it impossible for the users. But most peoples like to do these kinds of things to look unique from the others.

How To Hide Folder Name On iPhone

  • Select the folder on your iPhone or iPad in order to hide the folder name.
  • ● Tap on the folder icon and hold it for little seconds you will see an option of Rename tap on it.

  • Here you can see my current name is Navigation.
  • Remove the whole name of your folder and make the name empty.

  • Now carefully copy the blank code between the square brackets and paste it in the name section where you erased. 

[ ‏‏‎ ]

  • After paste the blank code don't write a single word in a section of name box. 
 Tip: Zoom the page of the website then copy the code it will be easier for you.

  • After pasting the code now just tap on Done.
  • Now you can see there are no alphabets on my folder name

  • Here you can see a difference between the name that was before and current. I have totally hidden the folder name on the iPhone.
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