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Nowadays it is a very impressive thing if you know about something special that others don't know because it is something that is not a common thing as compared to others.

If you don't know about Jazz secrets now you know, although I have discussed the most common and important jazz codes.

The code when you dial on your notepad then something is interesting is going to happen. If you think what I'm talking about? then all the codes that may work for you are mention below.

    How To Save Balance In Secret Jazz Account?

    Most people when recharging their phone after subscribing to some package when they turn on the mobile data then Rs 0.30 will be charged per MB and the whole balance of user flow like the water in the sea where once you throw something then never or you can say difficult to get back and yes this is reality. But in this case of mobile phone balance, you will not be able to get your balance back.

    I'm going to talk about how to save your balance in your secret account when you turn on the mobile data then I know your balance fly like an airplane but don't worry I have a solution.

    Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay

    • ● Just dial  *869# and your secret account will be opened.
    • ● Once your account will be opened then again dial *869# and add your sim balance into your secret account.

    Know About Secret Account

    • ● You can only add up to Rs 100 into your secret account
    • ● The minimum balance that you can add into your account is Rs 2
    • ● If you want to get back your balance then just dial *869*2#
    • ● You can also easily close your jazz secret account.

    How To Share Balance On Jazz Network?

    This is also one of the most useful codes for you because maybe sometime you want balance in some emergency case or you friend or whatever it is will ask you for sharing balance then if they or you don't know about this code then it will be a difficult task for you I know you can also share a balance with your JazzCash account but some people don't have JazzCash account or don't have balance in jazz cash like Anjum this is just a supposition come to the point of code that shares the balance with each other.

    Image by heinzremyschindler from Pixabay

    • ● Just dial *100*923005675688*Amount#

    Know About Sharing Balance

    • ● Make sure when you dial a phone number in the code then start dialing the number from 3 skip the 0 from the number.
    • ● It will charge you Rs 3.99 tax per share.
    • ● The minimum amount that you can send is Rs 15
    • ● The maximum amount that you can send is Rs 200

    How To Check Phone Number Of Your Jazz SIM?

    If your SIM is new or just by chance you forget your jazz phone number then don't worry it is not a difficult task to search your number again you don't need to visit the jazz franchise in this case.

    • ● You can also call some of your other numbers and check off your jazz phone number it is also a quite easy method.

    Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

    • ● But come to the other method in order to get the number of your SIM.
    • Just Dial *99#
    • ● When you dial the code number will instantly come into your screen.

    But let me know some important facts about this code.
    • ● This code is only for Jazz users.

    How To Check SIM Owner Name Of Jazz SIM?

    As jazz is the most famous and old network of Pakistan so in these countries a lot of people use others SIM for no reason.

    Wait wait wait! They have some solid reasons like give me your SIM I want to talk my girlfriend with a new number, please buy me a SIM I'm under 18, give me your SIM I will back you tomorrow but don't know when the tomorrow comes.

    So yes that's is interesting facts of the SIM users of Pakistan let's come to the point that it is not hard like that.

    Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

    • ● Just  send  blank SMS to 667

    Know Some Facts About This Code:

    • What to do when your phone does not support a blank message to send?
    • I know new iPhone and Android phone does not support blank message to send but yes you can send blank message easily with the help of your Nokia like phones but not everyone uses Nokia phones.

    How To Get Jazz Internet Settings?

    Now let's know about what to do when you install your new sim in a new device.

    In most cases or you can say every time when you insert your new SIM in your device then Internet Settings message sent by Jazz automatically but if you delete that message or you want to just know how to get jazz internet settings message then this set is quite easy.

    Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

    • ● Just send the INTERNET to 7342 you will receive an internet settings message soon.

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