How To Fold Single Bed Mosquito Net

As the population of the world is increasing day by day it's big the cause of pollute environment that we are facing today. No matter how many people living on the earth the important thing is how they clean themselves and the environment around them.

Well, the mosquito is also increasing mostly in rural areas it exits with the big crowd and it is impossible to stop them from biting. When they bit a human being then not only it creates irritation but also it causes malaria, high fever, etc. It is not a good specie for humans because it starts to continue bites whenever it comes and causes many bad effects.

You know when you use mosquito killer bulb, mosquito killer light, mosquito killer lamp then it will also increase your electricity bills maybe some people don't get sleep when the light is turned on.
So if you're using mosquito spray, mosquito mospel and many more products which kills mosquito then for this you will also have to pay a handsome money in your own routine means you can't stop buying these products because mosquito will start again biting you.

I know it was an old method to sleep within the net but yes if the method is good then we should go with it.

    My Personal Experience With Mosquito Net

    I have also my personal experience with this mosquito net. I have done many things to stop mosquito's bite. I have started spray in my room, started using mospel, mosquito killer lamp, and light but as usual, it does not give me satisfactory results because whenever bulb fuses or spray end I have to go to buy more.

    These sprays also affect me badly because of this all the time I was in infections like flu and sneezing which you can also say some kind of allergy.

    Now at this time, I'm using mosquito net from six-year and the result is really awesome.

    Details About Single Bed Mosquito Net

    • ● This round mosquito net is unique and stylish.
    • ● You can use this indoor or outdoor like in a garden.
    • ● It is made up of just soft cloth which is fully filled at the bottom and has pore in the whole net.
    • ● When you open it then it's shape looks like an oval.
    • ● When folded then it is almost 64cm x 64cm x 4cm ( Length x Width x Height ).
    • ● When It gets dirty yes you can also wash it.

    Uses Of Mosquito Net

    The mosquito net is one of the best methods to get rid of their bites according to me because you only have to pay once and for whole life, it will works for you the only thing is to use it carefully. I'm personally using this mosquito net years and yes it gives me satisfactory results.

    • ● It's the best option for babies because we should not be getting spray into their immature lungs.
    • ● You don't have to buy an expensive product like mosquito spray, mospel, bulb, light, and lamp, etc.
    • ● It is useful for most people who get allergies when they spray in the room that is not good for health.
    • ● It's a lifetime product just use it carefully.
    • ● The mosquito net is the basic needs of the people nowadays. It demands a cheap price and works for the whole life.
    • ● If you're going for some holidays outside the city may be in scenery or grassy areas then it will be a useful option.
    • ● It can also be used for meditation and yoga to avoid mosquito and houseflies.

    How To Use Mosquito Net

    • ● Just unzip the cover of the net and open it.
    Well, it is not a big deal why I'm telling you like this? Because you just have to open it and then go to an awesome sleep duration no disturbance of any mosquito.
    • ● The things come into your mind how to fold mosquito net? Well, it is also an easy task you just have to follow the given below method with attention.
    Here I'm talking about single bed mosquito net because it has some tricks to fold it otherwise if you're talking about other nets then they are quite simple then this one.

    How To Fold Single Bed Mosquito Net

    As if you're going to fold single bed mosquito net then obviously you have opened it. It is quite an easily foldable mosquito net.

    • ● The first step that you have to is to hold both upper ends of the mosquito net and move the net inward to each other when both become too much close with each other than catching it with one hand only.

    • ● Now you have to fold the other two ends of the mosquito net in order to do this fold both remaining ends inward to each other one by one with your other hand that is empty.
    • ● Once you fold all four ends of the net then hold it with your single hand only.

    • ● Now rotate the horizontal fold shape of the net to vertical shape to make it easy.

    • ● Once you stand it vertically then press it from the top of net inward the earth with your hand.

    • ● Now you have two options of new small circles as I have mentioned below. It is up to you which small circle you select. Once you select the circle then fold it towards the earth.

    • ● Once your first small circle is done then you can fold the other remaining circle with the same process that you have done to fold the first circle. Just fold your other part towards the earth on the circle that you already fold.

    • ● Now don't release your hand you have to catch it strongly until you get the cover of mosquito net.

    • ● As you can see my mosquito net is totally closed now you have to practice more than it will be an easy task for you.

    Video To Fold Single Bed Mosquito Net

    Here is the video that I have uploaded so that it will make an easy task for you. I hope you like it.

    Well, I have explained to you almost every single fact about mosquito net.

    In the case of any confusion comment below...!
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