What Actually Coronavirus Is?

Nowadays, COVID-19 is a very difficult situation all over the world. People are losing their loved ones due to this contiguous disease. There is no cure for it and it also greatly affects the economy of developing countries and it likes an "alarming call of death " for everyone. People are getting locked in their homes to protect them. stay home, stay safe.

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    Coronavirus is derived from Latin word corona which means "crown or wreath" in Greeks its means "garland wreath".
    There are 121 types of viruses it's one of them.

    Coronavirus History

    • History of Coronavirus began in 1965 that human has some issues in their respiratory tract that would be found in humans by Tyrrell and Bynoe. They told about that virus and named as B814 because it present in embryonic tracheal of humans.
    • Now it survives in RNA of human from where it starts its replication (reverse transcriptase) and called as RNA virus or Koronaone virus.
    • In 2002 a new disease typical pneumonia which is known as an acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) emerged.
    • In 2012 another severe pneumonia called Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) emerged in that area of the world. These kinds of pneumonia are caused by SARS coronavirus (CoV-SARS) and MERS coronavirus (CoV-MERS).

    Symptoms of coronavirus

    People who are suffered from this disease are sick within 14 days before having symptoms.
    Coronavirus symptoms include:
    • Fever
    • Dry cough
    • Random Flu or Running nose Sneezing
    • Aches
    • Tiredness
    • Infection In The Lungs
    • Difficulty in Breathing or Shortness in Breathing
    • Blue Lips or face
    • Chest Infection or pain in the chest
    • Dyspnea and Hypoxia
    • Headache
    • Sore throat and Rhinorrehea
    • Rigors
    • Excessive drowsiness

    Coronavirus Cause 

    • Coronavirus is firstly developed in animals before developing in humans. Actually, it passes firstly from animals to humans,  researchers said that this Virus may have been passed from bats to other animals either snakes or pangolins and then transmitted to humans.
    • This transmission occurred in the open Food market in Wuhan, China.
    • Coronavirus is caused by respiratory droplets by a person who is affected by this virus, touches a surface (with the virus) or then touches anyone's face.
    • One person affects 3 people and 3 more people affected 10 people.
    • It continuously spread by one person to another person.
    • In 2019 it actually related to humans.

    Pathogenesis and immunity

    • Coronavirus infection typically infected the mucosal cells of the respiratory tract. It actually destroyed humans' lungs known as cytokine storm (makes the lining of lungs thicker than normal) which actually refers to the overreaction of the body's immune system.
    • Cytokines are the small protein that is released by different kinds of cells in the body and are signal to the immune system for the site of infection allow immune cells to coordinate their response against the virus. Rarely, the body produces a large number of cytokines during infection. This storm causes a huge burden on the immune system and forces immune cells to the site of infection leads to hyper inflammation which may cause of death of the patient.
    • Coronavirus enters into the lungs and reaches low to respiratory tract where tiny alveoli are present and destroyed them. As alveoli exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body destroyed healthy cells that make the lungs more vulnerable to bacterial infection so lungs become less functional. Other organs as brain kidney liver become deprived because of oxygen. So the patient needs Ventilators in order to overcome the amount of oxygen.

    Coronavirus Treatment

    • Specifically, there is no treatment present for COVID-19, no cure for this virus its vaccines and treatment are under study. Coronavirus cure is very important because it causes many deaths.

    Predisposing Factor

    • Predisposing factors of COVID-19 involve recent travel from one country to another like people who are affected by this virus move from China to London, US, UK, Itlay, Pakistan, India, and many other countries.
    • The person who is affected by this virus close contact with the person.

    Coronavirus Precautions

    As there is no vaccine available in order to get rid of this virus. A person who is affected by this virus must follow precautions:
    • Avoid gathering, going to public places, attending parties, and going outside.
    • Avoid coming close to that person who is sick or having any of the symptoms of this virus.
    • Keep the distance to yourself if you are affected.
    • Wash your hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.
    • Cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper while sneezing or use the elbow.
    • Use a mask when you are sitting nearby.
    • Throw away your used mask or tissue paper.
    • Avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth if you did not wash your hand.
    • Avoid sharing your dishes, glass, plates, mugs or any household items that you used at home on a daily bases.
    • Clean yourself and stay at home
    • If you are sick avoid public transport.
    • If anyone feels that he has chronic medical conditions or risks of serious illness he must visit his doctor and use proper treatment.
    • Visit for any health advisories.

    How coronavirus affected all over the world?

    Coronavirus affected badly all over the world. Here you can see some countries their confirmed cases, recovered cases, and death cases.

    Countries Confirmed Recovered Deaths
    United States 464,697 25,231 16,227
    Italy 92,472 12,384 10,023
    China 81,439 75,448 3,300
    Spain 78,797 14,709 6,528
    Germany 58,137 4,227 480
    France 37,611 5,700 2,314
    Iran 35,408 11,679 2,517
    United Kingdom 17,136 140 1,028
    Switzerland 14,352 1,595 282
    Belgium 10,836 1,359 431
    Pakistan 4,526 28 13
    South Korea 9,583 5,033 152

    Corona vs Flu

    Here is the complete difference between Coronavirus & Flu.

    Coronavirus Flu
    Corona is a respiratory infection. Influenza is simply a viral infection.
    Corona is caused by respiratory droplets by a person to another actually its comes firstly from bats. May cause due to loss of appetite, sore throat, sneezing (allergy) may be due to dust, cough, fatigue, muscle pain.
    It's rapidly spread from one person to another person. Rarely spread from one person to another by touching.
    It shows its symptoms even within 14 days. Its duration is 1 week.
    Thousands of people die with this RNA virus. No one can die with flu.
    Its frequent is 677620 till now and it continues days by day. Its actual frequency is 3-5 million per year.
    No proper vaccine comes in order to treatment corona. Neuraminidase inhibitors such as oseltamivir Arenac.
    Some kind of precaution may be used that people stay at home avoid interaction, avoid gathering and going out, avoid public transport, use mask, wash your hand for at least 20 seconds. It can be cured even at home that a person drinks 8-10 hot water per day or use some kind of homemade drink of garlic.

    Coronavirus Memes

    Here are some coronavirus memes.

    Non-serious Behavior Of People Towards Coronavirus

    • As the breakdown of this virus happened in all over the world. People even got about their symptoms, heard about the death happening in China, but else of all these they didn't protect themselves.
    • As in Italy, the number of death caused day by day it's just due to the negligence of people their nonserious attitudes they think that's a joke. When they suffered and thousands of people lost their life.
    • Now Presidents of all over the countries lockdown their country request to people "stay home stay save" even they closed every school college, university, offices. But many people think that's the vacation time they are going outside. They are making parties planning their holidays for enjoyment even going on mountains moving from one place to another.
    • The virus is not moving from here to there actually people move it just because of it that people didn't take it seriously. They are becoming the cause of death even they know about their countries that how much facilities our countries have how much not.
    • People should think about their family, their country and take it seriously. One person can save their country and family lives.

    Heart Touching Pictures

    1. It is very hard to work like this and to stand between coronavirus affected patient. Doctors are really big heroes.

    2. Its is a very difficult situation for the poor peoples.


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